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A Catalogue of Free/Open Source Software for Translators

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A Catalogue of Free/Open-Source Software for Translators

Although free/open-source software use is becoming increasingly widespread, translator trainers and professional translators could still benefit from additional information on the affordances of these programs. With this catalogue of free/open-source software for translators we hope to enhance awareness of the availability of such tools among present and future translation professionals.

Under the chosen classificatory system, programs come under one of four broad categories:

Editing and Publishing Tools: Plain text and code editors, office suites, desktop publishing, advanced image editors, subtitle editors, optical character recognition software, differencing tools, PDF tools.
Language Tools: Terminology extraction, text analysis, corpus creation and processing, resource lookup tools, language checkers.
Translation Tools: Translation environments, machine translation programs, localization tools, alignment tools, format conversion and validation utilities (for translation-related formats).
Management Tools: Project management programs, word-counting and invoicing tools, financial management software, reference management tools, quality assurance tools.


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PortableCAT is a 100% free/open-source portable application suite for translators.


20 Nov, 2013: Version 2013b has been released!

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